Contacting Bloggers

I was just reading a blog where I noticed a typo.  This was a business oriented blog and the typo struck me as unprofessional.  I immediately went to the About page to look for contact information to inform the owner privately.  After all, typographical corrections don’t belong in public comments, in my opinion.

There was none.  No email, no contact form, nothing.  Instead I was given options to “press”, “tweet” and “publish on facebook.”  There is also a huge button to “follow the owner on G+.”

No apparent private contact information.  So I immediately went to my own About page, and discovered that my email address was also missing.  I have now rectified that and hope the spam will not outweigh the value my readers get from an easily discoverable contact option.

To other bloggers.  Do you allow your readers to contact you privately?  Why, or why not?